Crispy Pig Whiskey Bloody Mary

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You no doubt have questions. First: What is this? It’s a canned, ready-to-drink, premade whiskey Bloody Mary. Second: Are there pigs in it? No. Crispy or otherwise, bacon or ham, there is no meat in the recipe. And finally: Whiskey in a Bloody Mary. What’s up with that? A surprisingly tasty variation on the classic brunch staple, a Bloody Mary that swaps out the vodka in favor of whiskey has been called everything from a Brown Mary to a Bloody Lawrence (which we assume goes by Larry when it’s feeling saucy).

Crispy Pig keeps things simple and calls it Whiskey Bloody Mary and the spirit in question is pure Tennessee whiskey. The other ingredients are of course tomato juice, spices, lemon juice, hot sauce, and a little maple syrup for sweetness. As a known hangover cure, a Bloody Mary can be just what you need the morning after. And not having to stir, mix, measure, or shake anything makes that cure all the better. 

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