CRKT Freya Axe

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Did watching all six seasons of Vikings make you pine for a good axe? CKRT’s Freya Axe is named for a goddess from Norse mythology and modeled after a Viking design from a millennia ago. Designed by Elmer Roush, Freya is part of the Forged By War program at CRKT where veterans design knives and tools, with a portion of the proceeds going to the designer’s charity of choice. (A portion of Freya’s sales will go to the Green Beret Foundation.)

Rouch has four decades of experience forging axes and other edged tools, specializing in historic designs like this one. A combination of utilitarian sparseness and tough materials, the Freya Axe has a subtly tapered handle made from genuine Tennessee hickory measuring an ample 19 inches. The head has a 3.46-inch blade with a hammer back, forged from carbon steel that holds an edge. It’s ideal for working outdoors, splitting wood, shaving kindling, hammering tent stakes, or even starting on that longship. 

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