CRKT Homefront 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Knife

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It’s not every single day that a lauded gear brand like CRKT releases a special 25th anniversary take on a famed knife — but that day, in fact, is now today. CRKT is back with its Homefront 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Knife, a special release that’s easily going to last you another 25 years.

This plain edge knife made from durable M390 steel is built to exacting specifications, the kind of dependable knife you’ll find handy whenever you might happen to need it (especially for summer excursions and camping trips aplenty).

The titanium handle is another huge selling point, as is its Italian-made construction — think of the precision that goes into finely made Italian tailoring and shoes, and then think  of that same precision applied to a standout, limited-edition knife. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not quite. As we said, this surely doesn’t happen every day — best to buy the CRKT Homefront 25th Anniversary Knife right now.

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