CRKT Septimo Knife

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Who do you want designing your knife… some dude in a slick office who shoots Nerf darts on his coffee break, or a Green Beret? Yeah, we thought so. As part of CRKT’s Forged By War program, veterans design the knives they wished they’d had on the battlefield. Jeremy Valdez once cut straps on a burning chopper to pull his fellow soldiers free. His knife did not perform like he wanted. So now he’s designed a knife that does.

Named The Septimo after Valdez’s service in the 7th Special Forces Group, this folder uses a quick flipper opener and friction points on the handle for fast deployment. The single serration notch is a CRKT patented Veff Serration, that will slice through straps with efficiency and the 3.6” drop point blade is black oxide finished. If a Green Beret says this is the ideal tactical blade, we see no reason to disagree. – Buy It