Cutwater Spirits Tequila Soda

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It used to be, mixing up a tequila soda, however seemingly simple, involved some good old-fashioned time, expense and just a wee bit of energy (or else, a trip to grab a stool at your favorite cocktail bar). And yet, Cutwater Spirits continues to dispense with the notion that mixing up cocktails is the end-all, be-all — far from it, in fact.

While nothing beats the pleasure of a cocktail mixed up by a knowing hand, there are times when that won’t quite work. There are times you need something refreshing, to-the-point, and every bit as tasty, yet in a more, let’s say, convenient package — enter the new Cutwater Spirits Tequila Soda, your go-to spring sipper. It’s here just in time to refresh the season (especially as lots of us spend more time in our backyards and on patios rather than at rooftop bars).

We simply can’t think of a more convenient, fun or *spirited* way to enjoy an old standby. It’s the 18th canned cocktail released by Cutwater, and the results seem to get better every time. The mix really is simple — lime, tequila and soda water served in a cool-as-can-be can with a striking and spritely design. It’s smooth, it’s easy to drink (responsibly), and it’ll be a new hit for the season ahead.

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