Dandy Del Mar Tropez Terry Robe

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Where this decade has “athleisure” wear, our forebears in the ‘70s and ‘80s were much less concerned with athletics and more interested in style—the kind of effortless cool that would look just as right at seven in the morning, waking up from a three-day partying binge, as it would poolside at your home in the suburbs.

If you wanna taste a piece of that kind of relaxation, may I recommend Dandy Del Mar’s Tropez Terry Robe? It’s dripping with old school style, more comfortable than you can possibly imagine, and ready for your next Jello-mold and margaritas neighborhood block party.

There’s no two ways about it: This is a Jeff Bridges in the Big Lebowski, Dude-ready robe. Even looking at this thing will make you cooler, and don’t be surprised if you suddenly start to grow a rockin ‘stache.

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