Dango Capsule Mini

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Dango’s Capsule Mini is the everyday carry item you never knew you needed. Made of extra-durable anodized aluminum and designed to fit on your keyring, it’s the perfect way to store and keep track of tiny things that would otherwise go missing.

Wear glasses? You can keep a whole eyeglass repair kit—including those miniature screws—inside the Capsule Mini. Need to keep your prescription meds with you at all times? The food-safe coating on the Dango means you can store them right next to you. Want to keep matches or fire starters with you, so you can be prepared for any emergency? The waterproof seal on this handy little gadget means you’ll never have to worry about damp matches again.

And if you need compact storage in different dimensions, check out their Capsule or Capsule XL with the same waterproof and food safe design.

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