Dango D01 Dapper Pen Wallet

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A design challenge: make something that can hold a pen and a notebook, open a beer, hold cash plus 16 cards while blocking RFID. Make it out of nearly indestructible materials and make sure it’s slim enough for front-pocket carry. To this tall order, Dango said, “No problem.”

The company has a habit of making tough and compact EDC wallets that look like no other wallets out there (apart from all the lesser copycats). Their newest offering is the D01 Dapper Pen Wallet that’s made from an anodized, aerospace-grade, CNC machined aluminum frame that’s bolted to a proprietary water-resistant and durable DTEX material.

In all, it can hold 16 cards, distributed among four pockets, plus cash in the silicone wallet band. The pen is also aerospace-grade aluminum and comes with a Schmidt cartridge and is compatible with Fisher Space Ink. The notebook is 48 pages with grid dots and yes you can buy more once you fill this one with your brilliant thoughts. Or shopping lists.

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