Dango EDC Tray

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You’ve put plenty of time and effort into curating the best EDC essentials for your life — and you might as well ensure you’re storing them the right way. In fact, the best everyday carry gear calls for one of the best storage trays, one made specifically with rough-and-tumble daily picks in mind. This is where the Dango EDC Tray sets itself apart from a crowded field, made with the kind of design that’ll have you wonder why you’re just now hearing about it.

The EDC Tray by Dango Products does everything it sets out to do, starting with the tough, American-made construction and compact-yet-functional set-up. It’s made from one piece of tough aluminum, sized with four different sections to hold just about everything you need on your person these days and optional DTEX pads.

Multiple spots to store and stand your phone and iPad are the kind of design touches we like to see, and the fact that it features anti-slip rubber footing is another ingenious move. Is this the best way to store your everyday carry? In a manner of speaking … yes, yes it is.

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