Dango Executive Pen

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No matter how many note taking apps you download on any number of smart devices, there’s never going to be a full replacement for the classic look and feel of pen and paper. Writing by hand has an impressive host of psychological benefits that you just don’t get when you’re behind a keyboard—and it’s much more polite to jot a few notes in a journal than to pull out your smartphone mid conversation.

But a great pen offers much more than just the ability to scribble a few notes. A truly top quality pen is timeless and iconic, and through its impeccable balance and refillable design can become an extension of yourself and your personality.

That’s exactly what Dango’s Executive Pen is: A truly great pen, carefully designed with a laser focused attention to detail and machined from aerospace aluminum for long-lasting use. Get one of these pens; you won’t regret it.

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