Dango Pocket Clip

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In order to understand this clip, you have to understand Dango itself. A brief intro: Dango makes tough minimalist wallets built from nearly indestructible materials — including aerospace-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. The majority of their wallets pack extra functionality by seamlessly accommodating a credit card-sized multi-tool right alongside your cards. 

Dango’s sleek new Pocket Clip is made from CNC machined aluminum and formed stainless steel. It was designed to work either alone or with the brand’s M-Series bifold wallets, taking those workhorses to a new level of utility. By itself, the Pocket Clip is a beer-opening keychain or anchor for the tether to your wallet or other pieces of carry. Attach the clip to the bifold version of an M-Series wallet and your wallet now has a money clip function, holding up to twelve bills, and it can open a beer.

“A versatile EDC accessory.”

Dango Pocket Clip

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