Dango Side Tray

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A place for everything and everything in its place. There’s something soothing about the concept of a valet tray. Especially the way Dango does them. Machined aerospace aluminum, smooth curves, clean lines. You’ve maybe seen their EDC Tray with its four perfectly proportioned compartments. The Dango Side Tray fits perfectly alongside that first valley tray. Or does a fine job all on its own. 

The guy with a good haul of pocket goods will appreciate the extra space that two compatible trays will offer. But the Side Tray is probably all the minimalist needs. If you stick to the basics: Phone, keys, wallet. Maybe some earbuds. A pocket knife. This is the perfect landing pad for your daily gear. Weighing two full pounds and set on rubber footings, this thing isn’t going anywhere but where you put it. And the included DTEX pads let you (optionally) lay down an extra layer of protection for your stuff.

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