Dango Special Edition Tactical Wallet

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When curating your everyday carry selection, go for stuff that does double duty. Or triple duty. Or in this case, quindecuple duty (that’s 15 different duties). Cut paracord, pry nails, open boxes, tighten screws, whittle. Oh, and also carry your ID and cards, because, well, it’s a wallet.

The Dango Tactical Wallet’s black leather case is bolted to an anodized frame with a limited edition olive drab silicone band. The multi tool itself is made from high-carbon stainless and fits in where your cards go. When you’re ready to saw, cut, pry or whatever, the tool locks into the wallet chassis for leverage and grip. They even figured out a way to make it a stand for your smartphone. Dango is only offering 500 units of this particular Tactical Wallet, so the functionality may be unlimited, but the wallet itself is not. – $89

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