D’CENT Biometric Wallet

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Maybe you’re knee-deep in Ethereum holdings or you just signed up for Coinbase yesterday. Either way, the latest cryptocurrency news has probably got you thinking about the security of your digital currency. Favoring cold wallets (physical external storage) over hot wallets (online storage) is kind of like the wild west cowboy who keeps his folding money in his boot cause the town bank keeps getting robbed. It’s safer no doubt — as long as you can keep that boot secure. 

The Biometric Wallet from D’CENT has more than one layer of security to offer. The sleek device is equipped with a fingerprint scanner in addition to a four-digit pin so only you can unlock the wallet. Also, initial key creation happens offline, generated on the device itself. Sending or receiving coins is done through the mobile app with all important identifying data processed within the wallet’s chip. Pretty much every cryptocurrency you’ve heard of is supported so you can trade and store your assets in confidence. And you don’t have to keep anything in your boot.

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