Deckers X Lab K-ST 21 Sneakers

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Pinning down what Deckers Lab does isn’t easy. As the parent company of brands ranging from Hoka One One running shoes to the ultimate lounge shoes from UGG, Deckers Brands runs the gamut in footwear. So the Deckers Lab seems to be a place where their designers follow a concept for a shoe to its logical conclusion, be it pure performance  or something that combines a running shoe, classical sneaker, and cozy slipper in one. 

Their latest release is laser-focused on performance. The Deckers X Lab K-ST 21 Sneakers act as the intermediary between your foot and the pavement, with technology that just might think it’s a rocket on a trampoline. It starts with the plush, angled heel that absorbs energy as you land, pushing you onto the midfoot, where the Carbon Bow technology flexes like its namesake, transferring all that gathered energy into the toe box, propelling your foot forward. 

Add in a sticky rubber outsole, a Cordura ballistic nylon upper, and two removable/swappable insoles for comfort fine-tuning and you’ve got a pair of shoes that may not have been born in a traditional design studio, but they’re nevertheless ready to run. 

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