Deus Ex Machina x Zero Customs Electric Motorcycle

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Whenever a well known custom bike builder teams up with a newer player in the game, you know something special will emerge. Cue the Deus Ex Machina x Zero Customs Electric Motorcycle. This thing is electric. No, really, it is.

Zero Motorcycles hit the scene running with their successful electric SR/F model. Now they are teaming up with one of the best custom builders in the world for the all-new SR/S model. This is Deus’ first electric bike and the last masterpiece from legendary custom fabricator, Michael “Woolie” Woolaway. 

The SR/S grabs your attention right away with sleek, modern styling. Considering there is no gas tank, this bike does a great job of looking traditional without flying under the radar. Shaped entirely by hand, the end result is impressive. It is even more impressive considering the builder’s old school fabrication techniques.

Deus Ex Machina x Zero Customs Electric Motorcycle

Add in the fully functional aerodynamic design and you begin to see what a work of art this bike is. In fact, two engineers from Lockheed Martin provided their expertise on making this happen. Most of the body consists of honeycomb carbon fiber for lightweight strength with a touch of racing flair.

When you crunch the numbers, the SR/S backs its bark up with a powerful bite. Capable of reaching a top speed of 124 miles per hour, the Zero SR/S features a driving range of 161 city miles. It can reach 200 miles with a Power Tank. Not bad for an 80 minute optimal charge time.

With 140 pound feet of torque, the 505 pound curb weight moves like lightning. The fully electric AC motor is capable of producing 110 horsepower at 5,000 rpm. A clutchless, direct drive transmission puts all that power to the ground, effortlessly. 

Perhaps the most noticeable difference between a traditional gasoline powered bike and an electric one is the riding experience. Power delivery is instantaneous with an electric bike, it is also silent. It may take a little while to adjust to the instant torque, but overall the riding experience is smooth. 

The SR/S does not have a clutch or any gears. This is far from a traditional riding experience, but it is every bit as rewarding. The Deus Ex Machina x Zero Customs Electric Motorcycle is full of smiles, mile after mile. 

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