Distil Union Wally Sleeve

Distil Union Wally Sleeve


There are your average, everyday, perhaps even cheap wallets — the kind that fall apart as soon as they see a bit of daily use. And there are tough, durable and well-crafted wallets, the kind that look great & blend affordability and unique style.

The Distil Union Wally Sleeve is much more so the second option, not the first option — in short, that it means it could be your new go-to wallet on the daily. What makes it so great? Easy. In addition to the agreeable price (under $40), you’re getting three color options (we like the Rust Wally Sleeve the best), and the ability to slide this wallet in the front pocket of your favorite jeans or chinos.

It can hold up to seven cards, plus business cards and some folded bills — that’s serious bang for your buck. FlexLock technology offers an added touch of security, a crucial factor in choosing your next wallet. – Shop Now


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