DJI RoboMaster S1

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Before the robots take over, you might want to try your hand at understanding how they work. The RoboMaster S1 is a great place to start. Through games, battles, obstacle courses, and projects, the S1 sneakily, insidiously teaches you math, physics, coding, programming, and directing AI. The first thing you’ll learn is which component goes where, as the S1 comes fully unassembled. Once you’ve tackled that task, enjoy driving your four-wheeled robot around the house. 

Controlled through your computer or phone running the RoboMaster app, your new robot friend can drive in any direction using its omnidirectional Mecanum wheels and has shooting abilities with a blaster that shoots infrared beams or gel beads. If the fun stopped there, this would still count as a very awesome new toy. But take the next step with the S1 and you can program it to respond to you, its environment, and other S1 robots. The accompanying video courses and programming projects will take you from a programming neophyte to a person who converses with robots like an expert. Further selling point?  You’ll have fun the entire time — which is always the best way to learn anything.

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