DOIY Metal Valet Tray

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Wallets, coins, keys, and smartphones are the EDC items we all seem to juggle and misplace on a daily basis, but you can corral these loose items when you get home or arrive at work with a valet tray designed for easy and intuitive organization.  This metal tray delivers the goods thanks to metal styling that makes for a rugged and durable bit of equipment, not to mention a layout that you simply can’t misunderstand.

Four compartments are ready to receive the contents of your pockets, and each features a stamp to tell you what to put where, including images of a wallet, a phone, a key, and some coins.  Whether you like to be ultra-organized or you’d lose your head if it wasn’t attached to your neck, this simple valet is a great way to grab your essential EDC and get out the door without having to search high and low during the morning rush.

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