Drakes Brewing 1500 Pale Ale

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While we love a rich and flavorful IPA as much as the next guy, there’s certainly something to be said for paying attention to pioneering styles, such as the underrated pale ale, that helped put craft beer on the map here in the States. We’re still hops-crazy, but it’s nice to go for a more subtle (yet no less delicious) beer every so often. If that sounds like an agreeable course of action for your next night of sipping brews, consider the Drake’s Brewing 1500 Pale Ale, a highly drinkable pale ale that checks in at a just-right 5.5 percent ABV.

So named for the 1,500th batch of beer brewed by the company in San Leandro, Calif, this beer is neither too overpowering or too mild. To be more specific, the 1500 Pale Ale packs in Amarillo hops for citrus and sweetness, while Simcoe adds a bit more citrus and pine.

The result is a pleasingly nuanced pale ale that you’ll assuredly find yourself reaching for again and again throughout the spring and summer — although who said there’s a limit on when you can enjoy your new favorite beer, right?

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