Outfit Your Dresser Top With These Essentials

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This might be a controversial sentiment, but I’m of the mindset that what you put on and around your dresser is arguably more important than what goes in it. I mean, it’s your storage space, right? Sure, it’s made for clothes, but you can put anything you want in there—underwear, gear, snacks perhaps? Outfitting your dresser top takes a more curatorial eye, requiring a mix of aesthetics and practicality. Don’t worry if you don’t have this creative eye though. The essentials we rounded up here fully embody all of those priorities.

Besides, unlike the inside of a chest of drawers, you actually have to look at and live with your dresser top. Leave no surface behind, and make one more corner of your home more attractive, useful, and grown-up.

Wolf Windsor 5-Piece Watch Box

Wolf Windsor 5-Piece Watch Box

The watch-winder experts over at Wolf 1834 serve up an effective and dapper unit with the Windsor 5-Piece Watch Box. Essentially a rectangular shape with flattened edges, the multi-surfaced look is apparent at every angle, giving it a Sinatra-esque retro swank. The top lid is a full window into the storage space, which looks like the interior of a luxury car. 

On the practical front, this allows you to lock up and protect your watches from dust. Design-wise, you can choose to display your timepieces with a closed or open lid. A vegan leather construction, complemented by chrome hardware, provides a smooth overall body for the box, as well as a slick frame for your display.

Price: $215

Misc. Goods Co. Underhill Soy Candle

Misc. Goods Co. Underhill Soy Candle

The Misc. Goods Co. Underhill Soy Candle doesn’t just provide your room with a nice aroma, but a vibe and experience that goes beyond your sense of smell. The recipe is clever, utilizing sharp and sweet rosemary, along with darker leather and tobaccos, offering a balance of woodsiness and open air.

It basically makes you feel like you’re deep in the forest, as the candle hits different notes at different points of the burn—some reminiscent of a warm campfire, others of refreshing pine. Speaking of, since this candle is 100% soy, it offers a clean, non-toxic burn, and a longer life. Did we mention it’s hand poured right in the USA?

Price: $32

Courant Catch:3

Courant Catch:3

Style, meet organization. The Courant Catch:3 has the timeless and handsome look of a traditional linen catch-all tray, with a few upgrades to accommodate technological essentials. In addition to the generously-sized main compartment, the phone seat provides patented wireless charging, effective even through some pretty thick cases. The construction itself is classy belgian linen, to which the soft cable is color-matched to, meaning this tray is hygienic, anti-static, anti-bacterial, and perhaps most importantly, resistant to odors. You can drop that NATO strap you sweated in onto this tray with no worries of scent transfer.

Plus, there’s a thin but durable layer of a special plastic called ABS on the surface. This allows the linen to keep its delicate properties, but makes it corrosion and chemical resistant, which means you can haphazardly drop that heavy stainless steel tool watch on there too.

Price: $80

Frank Sinatra Framed Print

Frank Sinatra A OK Framed Print

What says “I’m a well-adjusted, grown man” more than having real artwork up on your walls? And if the subject of that piece happens to be the patron saint of class, Frank Sinatra, all the better. This framed print depicts ol’ blue-eyes, with Ed Sullivan at the Eden Roc hotel in Miami, giving someone an OK sign with his fingers. Naturally, it was famed Life photographer, John Dominis, who managed to capture such a crisp and defined moment. 

And yes, this is a real piece of art. Limited to 495 numbered editions, this iconic 1965 photograph is set on forever-lasting, museum-level archival paper. It’s astoundingly clear, and sits in a hand-made wooden frame and protective perspex.

Price: $269+

Shinola Room Spray

Shinola Room Spray

While a candle can give the air around your dresser the good vibes treatment, this Shinola Room Spray can do the same for your linens and fabrics. The formula contains cherry blossom, giving a top note of subtle vanilla and lilac, which is then grounded in leather and smoke, for a harmonious tension.

It smells clean, but not sterile, and has a distinct woodsy personality that calms and doesn’t overwhelm. The silicone base ensures that you can spritz your pillow without worrying about skin reactions, and that exquisite amber vessel would look chef’s-kiss classy on your dresser surface.

Price: $55

D.S. & DURGA Cowboy Grass Cologne

D.S. & DURGA Cowboy Grass Cologne

There’s just something about the Clint Eastwoods of the world that’ve made them lifestyle goals for generations of guys. Evident in its name, this Cowboy Grass Cologne from D.S. & Durga is an aromatic distillation of getting jobs done and knowing your way around a ranch, wrapped up with gentlemanly Western chivalry.

The sagebrush has a piney turpentine scent to it, while the white thyme is fresh, with a touch of spice. Finish that off with the warmth of prairie switchgrass, and you’ve got a truly uncommon men’s scent, one that achieves clean, tough, and understated, all without the use of florals.

Price: $190+

Grovemade Wood Planter

Grovemade Wood Planter

And finally, you’ll need a plant for your dresser. Even if you have a black thumb, there are several unkillable succulents out there, all of which would look dashing in the Grovemade Wood Planter. Small details like the rounded, soft edges of the corners allow the natural wood to showcase its charming textures and lines without interruption.

You can choose between solid walnut for rich and vivid hues complemented by its unique grains, or solid maple, for a light and modern mineral-streaked surface. The planter is equipped with a stainless steel liner, and is hand-finished with vegetable-based oils, enriching the wood’s natural glow. Even better is the fact these planters are designed and manufactured right in Oregon.

Price: $65

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