Droog Moto DM-015 Urban Fighter

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Modern design? Check. Industrial aesthetic? Check. Rugged upgrades for tackling any terrain on Earth? Check. Droog Moto’s latest build is the DM-015 Urban Fighter — a lightweight, agile, and off-road-ready custom bike built on a Kawasaki Ninja 250.

The bike has been outfitted with handlebars and grips made in-house by Droog Moto, along with a new fuel cell and subframe. An upgraded suspension, an LED light package, and thicker tires assist seasoned riders in tackling terrain not yet covered in asphalt.

Last but certainly not least of this bike’s extensive list of notable upgrades is the high-performance air filter and matte black exhaust system that, when coupled with the bike’s 249cc motor and extremely light curb weight, move this machine with ease no matter what path you’re riding on. Purchase the Urban Fighter now for $30,000 and start planning your next excursion to nowhere in particular.

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