Duke Cannon After-Shave Balm

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Using an excellent pre-shave oil and high-quality shaving cream — plus a functional and premium razor — aren’t the only steps to consider in your daily shaving routine. A well-made after-shave balm is a finishing touch that shouldn’t be overlooked, particularly when a company like Duke Cannon is making one of the best ones to buy now.

This after-shave balm is made with menthol for a cooling, refreshing sensation on irritated skin. The brand doesn’t stop there, though — aloe and shea butter add comfort and calming qualities to help fight skin irritation and razor burn.

At $20, it might seem like the price is a lot to pay for a small bottle, but it’s one of those grooming essentials that A) you absolutely need and B) is worth it in the end. It’s another step to add to your routine, but a welcome — and absolutely essential — one at that. – Buy It

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