Duke Cannon Heavy Duty Hand Soap

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Duke Cannon Supply Co. has gone and done it. They’ve outmanned Ron Swanson. Duke Cannon makes big ass brick soap inspired by the big ass brick soaps issued during the Korean War, and they make them in the same US plant that manufactured big ass brick soaps for the military for more than 20 years. We said big ass three times in that last sentence because it seemed like something Duke Cannon would want us to do, and we’re not here to let Duke Cannon down.

Now about that soap. It’s soap, for washing your hands, and Duke Cannon can’t figure out why you need to know more than that. Since you’re already here, though, have some highlights. Ingredients? “All natural tallow soap base, coconut oil, water, hard work, fragrance, and steel cut oats.”

Fragrance? Yes, fragrance. Other Duke Cannon scents bear the names Victory, Naval Supremacy, and Accomplishment. The Heavy Duty Hand Soap boasts an unnamed light, citrus fragrance which, if you’re reading this Duke Cannon, we suggest you dub Efficiency or Virility. Those suggestions aren’t free. Our invoice is in the mail.
Want to get your hands on some Heavy Duty Hand Soap? Of course you do. That’ll be $9 of the finest currency in the world, son. – Buy It

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