Duke Cannon Proper Cologne Travel Ration Set

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Duke Cannon has an interesting proposition here: Finding your signature scent shouldn’t be as difficult as the cologne industry makes it. Instead of heading to a mall and smelling fragrances off strips of paper, they’ve put the work into curating and collecting a trio of the finest scents around. But will they stand up to the test of a discerning dude? Let’s take a closer look at the three scents that come in the Proper Cologne Travel Ration Set.

Huron is a classic aquatic scent, in the vein of Cool Water or Polo Blue. Its combination of sandalwood and vetiver makes it at once familiar and enticing. Sawtooth is a traditional woodsy scent, heavy on cedarwood and amber resin. Seneca is another aquatic cologne, but this time with an emphasis on citrus above all else. Taken together, these three colognes offer a fine selection of classic fragrance styles that are perfectly unfussy and conveniently travel-ready.

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