Dutch’s Spirits Sugar Wash Moonshine

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Operating on the patch of land where mobster Dutch Schultz ran a bootlegging operation back in the dark days of Prohibition, Dutch’s Spirits is built on a ton of history. The stills are above ground this time around, but the owners are interested in keeping most everything else the same — starting with the recipe behind their Sugar Wash Moonshine. 

Billed as a resurrected and improved (and legal) version of the 1932 concoction that flowed out of Pine Plains, New York under cover of night (until an FBI raid put a stop to all that), the clear liquid lightning is pot-distilled from pure turbinado sugar and smooth enough to be enjoyed neat. Notes of grass and grapefruit mingle with vanilla and maple and a long, smooth finish. And, critically, there’s a finger loop at the neck so you can drink your moonshine properly, from the bottle, slung around the back of your arm, like Ron Swanson taught us. 

Sugar Wash Moonshine is just the first offering from the NY distillery. As we all know, good things like whiskey take time, and the promise of a New York Empire Rye (following the newly codified rules for NY-based rye whiskies) has us very curious to see what Dutch’s does next. In the meantime, we’ll be enjoying a little of that fine, fine ‘shine. [via]

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