Dyson Lightcycle Desk Task Light

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If you’re going to spend $500 on a lamp, it had better be a damn good lamp. Dyson’s Lightcycle Desk Task Light is a damn good lamp. First off it looks like a futuristic crane sitting on your desk or night table. The height and position of the light adjusts with easy, intuitive movements. And the light itself, well that’s where your spend is really justified. The LED lights are controlled by an internal microprocessor that senses the ambient light levels and the time of day to produce light that’s exactly right for the situation. 

Use the app and you’ll get even more fine-tuning of the output, adjusting to your age and daily routine, like dropping out blue light when it’s getting close to bedtime. The extra low flicker rate and glare-reduction reduce eye strain and the built-in motion sensor will shut off the light after you’ve left the room. Add all that together with the special cooling technology that keeps the LEDs functioning properly for decades and that $500 price tag starts to seem a lot more reasonable.

Price: $600

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