Ekster Senate + Tracker Wallet

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We’ve come so far from the brick in the back pocket, full of stuff you don’t need, making you look like you’ve got a tennis ball grafted to one cheek. And these wallets just keep getting better. This ultra-slim offering from Dutch wallet maker Ekster gives you slide-out, push-button access for up to six of your cards, while protecting them from skimming with RFID blocking and the elastic strap hangs on to your cash.

The included Tracker Card renders your wallet unloseable by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Use your phone to make your wallet ring (or vice-versa) or find out when/where you last had your wallet with the TrackR app. And no, you won’t have to plug in your wallet. The Tracker Card runs on solar and just needs three hours of light a month to keep going. Your old, do-nothing, bulked up wallet can be mercifully be retired now.

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