Elation Freedom Electric Supercar

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If you can dream it, somebody will probably be able to build it, with the right resources. In the case of the Elation Freedom Electric Supercar, some dreams come in carbon fiber. Racing to become the first luxury EV hypercar built in the United States, the Freedom may need a track to live up to its hype.


Handling a supercar with over 1,400 horsepower capable of reaching a top speed of 260 miles per hour is going to need some open road. A lot of it. Here is the real kicker, there is an optional engine upgrade available pushing the horsepower up to 1,903 hp. That’s a lot of ponies.

You want performance numbers? How about a tear-inducing 0 to 60 miles per hour time of 1.8 seconds. If you want to go fast, this is the EV for you.

Thanks to the carbon fiber design, the Freedom is not excessively heavy for an EV. If it unleashes at the estimated 3,600 pounds, cornering may actually be fun in this EV.

Elation uses inspiration from Silicon Valley to create the ultimate luxurious electric hypercar experience. Pushing the boundaries of innovation while breaking the barriers of physical limitation may sound like a video game, but it is the exhilarating experience Freedom offers.

Over five years of research and development paved the way for the Elation Freedom, including motorsports DNA. Underneath the futuristic exterior, the structural core of the car exceeds the safety standards of the FIA. 

Handling performance is on par with the racing DNA as well. It shares some engineering with F1 cars, being capable of reaching 2.0g of lateral acceleration. The double-wishbone suspension design definitely breaks a sweat in those tests. 

Combine Elation’s safety-first motorsports approach with the future of tomorrow’s automotive technology and you can really drive a car that seems like a figment of your imagination. That is the experience the Elation Freedom Electric Supercar offers.

Estimated to have a range of 300 miles with the standard battery or 400 miles with the upgraded pack, you will have plenty of opportunities to find the right roads. The only question is, will there be enough of it to reach this car’s true potential?

Of course, as is often the case with the latest toys, you have to pay to play. Not only is the Freedom a limited-run of hypercars,  but the starting price is also right around $2.3 million. Time will tell if it can carry the price tag with dignity, but early prototypes look promising. Stay tuned to Elation for more details.

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