ERV Hyper Electric Camper

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What is the roof of an RV good for? Yes, keeping the elements out. But unless you like hanging out up there in your sand chair (which probably isn’t recommended) it’s an oasis of underused space. The best use for that space is solar panels. After all, if you want to get out there and stay out there, bringing twenty extra propane tanks is a little nuts (and dangerous, and expensive). 

ERV Caravans out of Australia have created a fully electric camper, plastering the top with solar panels — a 2,300 watt system on the biggest model — then they added a 5,000 watt inverter (the thing that converts the DC output of the panels to AC power for your appliances) and a 14 kilowatt-hour battery (so you can use your stuff on cloudy days and after the sun goes down).

Among the huge list of appliances you can use with this set up are things like an electric BBQ, a microwave, a fridge, and a hot water heater — all of which are included in the very impressive specs list for the ERVs. In what amounts to a studio apartment on wheels, the camper offers just about everything, including an ensuite bath, a pull-out exterior kitchen, an interior galley kitchen complete with induction cooktop and full-size fridge, and a pillow top spring mattress. 

All riding on off-road suspension, the ERV is ready to go deep into the way out and stay there for as long as the sun shines. No word just yet on towing specs or pricing, but for now it’s enough to just imagine what you could do with all that power.

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