Everyman Grafton Mechanical Pencil

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The finer things in life don’t always have to be the most expensive, nor the most ostentatious — we’re of the opinion that sometimes, the old ways are the best (as has been said in the James Bond epic “Skyfall”). We can’t speak for 007 himself when it comes to the utility of the Everyman Grafton Mechanical Pencil, but we’d wager you’ll appreciate the functionality, refinement and iconic style of this handy writing utensil. It’s more than just a mechanical pencil, though.

With a design the brand calls “expertly weighted,” plus the use of an anodized aluminum pen body, it’s a fine addition to your office or home desk. It’s also a sharp counterpart to the Grafton pen, made with the same design in mind. Make no mistake, it’s an investment compared to the standard pencil you might be using, but it’ll pay off in spades as you grow to appreciate its utility and sharp design.

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