Exod ARK 3.1 Elevated Tent

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If you’re going to reinvent the tent, why not go all out? Not only has Exod Outdoor designed their ARK 3.1 tent with an inflatable exoskeleton, they’ve also made it about as versatile as an outdoor shelter can get, converting from ground tent to multi-anchor-point hammock to single-point-suspension sleeper. A telescoping carbon fiber frame lends the ARK enough rigidity to handle suspension while still keeping things light, with the whole thing weighing in under eleven pounds.

The top of the tent has a clear skylight for gazing up at the stars and when the ARK is suspended, there’s storage beneath for your gear. Using a hand pump, the exoskeleton can be inflated in under two minutes, but you’ll need to wait a bit longer than that before the ARK itself is available. Preparing to undertake the crowdfunding journey this spring, the genius of their innovative tent design will be put to the test. We’re really hoping it succeeds because trying this thing out is going to be a whole new level of fun.

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