Faherty Belt Loop All Day Shorts

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Confronted with a pair of shorts called Belt Loop All Day Shorts, you may wonder, are the belt loops very special on these shorts? Are there extra belt loops? Do the belt loops perform functions beyond the usual belt-holding? No. They are just regular belt loops, but the reason for the call out is to differentiate these shorts from the original, non-belt-loop-having variety of the All Day Shorts. 

See, the All Day Shorts are near-mythical in their ability to perform under any circumstance. Want to run, jump, and scramble up a mountainside? The built-in stretch will accommodate. Want to hike a desert trail under the high noon sun? Moisture wicking properties will keep you cool. Need to jump in a lake? The quick-drying, swimwear-inspired fabric loves that idea. 

And if you just want to look good while wearing a pair of buttery soft shorts, the All Day Shorts are up for that too, as the tailored cut and flat-front design are unquestionably handsome. 

And yet, despite offering a truckload of fit and function, Faherty customers wanted more from the All Day Shorts. Namely, they wanted belt loops. And thus, the Belt Loop All Day Shorts were born and shorts perfection was achieved.   

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