Fielder’s Choice Vintage Baseball Glove Wallets

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For non baseball fans, Fielder’s Choice leather wallets are just well-constructed, handsome minimalist carry — which is great in itself. But for serious baseball fans, these wallets are a chance to physically interact with a piece of our National Pastime on a daily basis. Each wallet is made from the leather of a vintage baseball glove that was once on a player’s hand, waiting to make a catch. The gloves themselves are curated by Brett Lowman, owner of Play OK Antiques in Connecticut who specializes in baseball memorabilia.

The gloves are shipped to the Dominican Republic where they are deconstructed by hand and sewn into bifolds, card cases, money clips, and money clip card cases. Each one is unique, bearing signs of the leather’s former life, from lace eyelets to brands and stamps. Occasionally Fielder’s Choice Goods comes out with a limited edition series of wallets, but they sell out fast. Past collections included a Catcher’s Series and a 1950s series. And if you’ve got a beloved glove of your own, arrange to send it to FC Goods and they’ll turn it into a wallet.

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