Filson Ballistic Nylon Duffel Backpack Hybrid

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The good folks at Filson simply continue to deliver when it comes to the best gear for men — that’s an across-the-board assessment, from our point of view. And it’s particularly true when it comes to the Filson Ballistic Nylon Duffel Backpack Hybrid, one of the very best backpacks (or is it a duffel?) that you can load up for the fall season.

Really, it’ll work anytime you need a tough bag that simply won’t quit — the Ballistic Nylon exterior ensures that your critical gear will stay dry and in shape, no matter how bad it gets out there.

It’s available in a classic Filson colorway that should pair up nicely with all manner of rugged menswear essentials, including a thermal henley and chore pants – both preferably from Filson, of course. When the time comes to spring into action or simply hit the road on a weekend getaway, you need the Filson Nylon Duffel Backpack Hybrid — that’s just a stone-cold fact.

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