Filson x Westland Distillery Coldfoot Whiskey

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What could pair better with the great outdoors than rugged, classic Filson gear? Well, a great whiskey would sure seem to be a natural pairing — if ever you’ve indulged in a fortifying whiskey around the campfire after a long day on the trail (or merely a busy day outdoors at home), then you know this to be true. What if we told you the good folks at Filson took that to heart and came up with your new favorite whiskey in collaboration with Westland Distillery? Because that’s what they’ve done — and make no mistake, we’re quite excited to try it out.

This limited-edition American single-malt whiskey takes inspiration from the Klondike Gold Rush, and it’s an even more fitting partnership when you consider the rich Seattle heritage of both Filson and Westland Distillery. The Coldfoot name calls back to prospectors who journeyed on a desolate path north from Seattle in search of gold, settling in the territory of the same name — although those who couldn’t continue on with the journey were said to have (wait for it) “cold feet.”

Talk about whiskey that’s more than just a fine spirit — it’s a whiskey that calls to mind adventure, history and heritage, and it’s best enjoyed hand-in-hand with tough Filson gear at the ready. We’ll raise a toast to that.

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