Filson Lightweight Anorak

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You know what to expect when it comes to gear from Filson: This lauded Pacific Northwest brand takes the same approach to heritage, history and performance now as it’s done for decades. That seems to stay consistent regardless of the season or the time of year — hence, the excellent durability and quality behind the Filson Lightweight Anorak. It’s one of the best jackets for spring, period, and it brings plenty of classic Filson functionality to the table.

Made with tough dry-waxed cotton for water and wind resistance, consider this a true grab-and-go pullover to wear on the daily when spring rain starts to roll through. The drawcord hem and hood, plus elastic cuffs, ensure that no water or wind ruins your fit — even it’s something as classic as a white tee and blue jeans. That’s a testament to the way Filson does things, and for all of that, we can’t recommend this jacket enough.

“Made with tough dry-waxed cotton for water and wind resistance.”

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