Filson x Brant Cochran Dirigo Belt Axe

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It makes sense that because of its extensive logging industry, Maine was once a bustling hub for axe production in North America. Between 1800 and 1960, more than 300 axe manufacturers popped up in the Pine Tree State, crafting products that are still sought after by antique collectors around the world.

Now, Filson has partnered with South Portland axe manufacturer Brant & Cochran — renowned for crafting the only Maine wedge pattern camp axes being made today — for the Dirigo Belt Axe.  Ideally sized for the campsite, the axe has a traditional head design dating back to the early 1900s axes of Maine, and is ideal for splitting kindling or firewood to fit into a wood stove. Weighing in at a compact 1.75 pounds, and honed to a 25-degree, razor-sharp edge, its 17-inch hickory handle has a hand-rubbed oil and wax finish which seals the wood for a blister-free experience.

Price: $450

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