Finex Cast Iron Griddle

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There’s a reason why you never come across a vintage non-stick pan — that high-tech coating is just not built to last. But head to any ye olde antique shoppe worthy of the name and you’ll find decades-old examples of cast iron cookware. It’s the kind of thing you buy once, use forever, and then decide which of your progeny is deserving enough to receive it in your will. This Cast Iron Griddle is made by Finex, a company out of Portland, Oregon that does everything the hard (right) way — from melting and casting the iron to grinding, polishing and tumbling the pieces by hand. 

The Finex Cast Iron Griddle offers a huge surface for breakfast hash, steaks for six, burgers for twelve. It’s big enough to straddle the two burners on your stove and tough enough to handle the flames of a campfire, and go directly on your backyard grill. Finex sets itself apart from other cast iron makers out there with the coiled stainless steel handles they fasten to each piece of cookware. Designed to cool off quicker, you’ll be able to handle the griddle without the heat rocketing straight through your oven mit. 

Each piece is pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil so you can use it the day it arrives. Plus everything from Finex comes with their “Good Forever Guarantee” as in, they’ll replace any product that fails. Flip the griddle over to see the huge Finex “F” and a “Made in the USA” statement, aka the markings that will help someone identify quality at the back of an antique shop in the year 2089.

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