Floyd Travel Cases

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If you’re the type of guy to grow restless if you can’t get out and explore new territory every so often, then you’re not alone — far from it, in fact. From a global metropolis to the great wide open, you need gear that can stand up to darn near anything (and that’s an understatement). Take the Floyd Travel Cases, the new travel luggage you didn’t know you needed.

This new line of hard-wearing rolling luggage is surprisingly sleek and stylish, retro and yet modern — and perfect for everything from a cross-country flight to a weekend at a mountain lodge (leave the Floyd Travel Case behind to get out and explore, naturally).

This line of tough, hard-shell suitcases features bold colors and agreeable pricing compared to similar models on the market, and y’know what’s even better? They draw inspiration from the effortlessly cool and surprisingly timeless 1970s vibes of California skate culture, ensuring your luggage will stay as timeless — and yet on-trend — as you are.

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