Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout

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When the folks behind Founders put their energy into making a great beer, they usually succeed — to say the least. The Canadian Breakfast Stout is no different — it’s enough to make anyone pine for crisp Midwest fall days (preferably wearing a stylish flannel shirt and beat-up leather boots while sitting around a bonfire). This bourbon barrel-aged stout first came to be thanks to barrels that once housed maple syrup — a heck of a way to start out a beer’s journey.

You get what the brand calls “velvety chocolate,” plus rich maple syrup and notes of roasted coffee, in this exceptional 11 percent ABV beer. Get ready to grab yours when it launches in December, and then be prepared for friends to come calling — it’s the perfect beer to bring to a holiday party or keep for yourself. We know you’ll certainly want to keep it stocked throughout the whole winter — it’s that great of a beer, folks. Learn more at Founders Brewing.

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