Front Runner Expander Camping Chair

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Chairs: They keep dirt off of your butt, sure—but they’re also the secret weapon in any experienced camper’s outdoor arsenal. A good camp chair will do way more than keep you high and dry; it will also give you a base to work from that will make every moment of your time spent in the great outdoors as enjoyable as possible.

And among camp chairs, the Front Runner Expander Camping Chair is perhaps the best of all. A patent pending design makes it almost magically space saving, capable of packing down to 1/16th of its expanded size (by volume). Two side pockets give you the essentials of storing a beer and your phone or camera, and an additional stuff pocket is large enough to hold the next great American novel. Combine all that with a durable steel and polyester construction, and you get a chair that will be a bosom buddy on your outdoor adventures for years to come.

Price: $76

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