Titan Loop Keychain Cable

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Rendering your everyday carry more versatile means adding a charging device alongside your wallet and knife, since you probably use your smartphone more than your EDC knife. And a good place to start is with fuse Chicken’s Titan Loop. It’s not the world’s smallest keychain cable by a long shot, and it’s clearly not trying to be. It does, however, claim to be “the toughest keychain cable on Earth”, and it certainly looks the part.

The rugged styling — including two layers of flexible, high-strength steel tubing — ensures that this device can take a beating (or stop a chainsaw in it’s tracks, according to the brand) and keep on charging, and the 9 inches of cabling ensures that you’ll never have trouble connecting your phone to a USB port for charging or simultaneously checking your social media accounts. Best of all, you can loop it through your belt or backpack strap to easily cart attached keys. – Shop Now

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