Garage Project Beer

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Spring weather calls for more than just the right spring gear, like rugged rain boots, dependable outerwear and breezy shirting. It also calls for a re-evaluation as to what you’re sipping on during weekend downtime, post-work happy hour hangouts and all those times you need refreshment while firing up the grill. Turn toward Garage Project out of New Zealand for a light, refreshing, engaging beer made in the classic way befitting the perfect spring lager.

An easy sipper at under 5 percent ABV, this pale lager is made to enjoy all day long, and you can be sure we’re recommending you do just that as you celebrate the start of spring (responsibly, of course). It’s also made the right way, from simple, clean and crisp ingredients — in this case, that means Czech yeast, a Bohemian pils malt and Saaz hops.

It’s a truly classic lager that’s becoming all the more rare to find these days, unless you know where to look. And now with Garage Project, well, you’ve got your search kicked off the best way possible.

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