Garmin Tread Powersport Navigator

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Your UTV loaded on the trailer and a weekend full of open spaces, dirt, and mud ahead of you. The only way to make that scenario better is to invest in this purpose-built device before heading out. Garmin’s Tread Powersport Navigator represents the navigation company’s first foray into the power sports market, bringing their signature brand of connectivity to off-roaders. 

The Tread will connect up to 20 local riders (who are also sporting the Tread), tracking them on the large, glove-compatible, and water-resistant touchscreen. The radio function, used with the awesomely named “Fist Mic” lets you ask your buddies their current 20. On-screen, you’ll be able to navigate pre-loaded trails that can show you public and private land boundaries and satellite imagery. 

Each Tread comes with a powered mount that wires into your vehicle, also giving your Tread the ability to control your side x side’s various 12-volt accessories. You can also pair the Tread with an optional camera to give you extravehicular views of the terrain surrounding  your ride. Of course, it pairs nicely with your smartphone for weather reports and music control, and syncs up with Garmin’s In-Reach satellite communicator so you can stay in touch when you’re way the heck out there. 

Possibly the coolest feature is the ability to save and share the route you just took. Now when you find a particularly thrilling trail, finding it again, or sharing it with a friend is easy as can be.  

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