Garmin Venu 2 Smartwatch

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In the crowded field of smartwatches, it seems like sooner or later, every option out there gets compared Apple Watch. Fair enough. But there’s one area where Apple can’t touch Garmin: Variety. Apple has long been known for offering a handful of options in each category (and sometimes that handful only has two things in it). 

But Garmin? They’ve got dozens of GPS watches, all of them with different levels of functionality and capabilities to suit the entire gamut of wearables customers. The Venu 2 Smartwatch is Garmin’s offering with the widest appeal — especially for those who want to get fit and see all possible fitness data along the way. 

For exercise tracking, 25 preloaded indoor and outdoor sports apps grab stats on your preferred activities, while the heart rate and Pulse Ox sensor keeps tabs on how your body is responding. If you’re ever stuck for how to move today, preloaded, on-screen workouts will get you going. 

Even when you’re not working out, the Venu 2 keeps an eye out for you with sleep monitoring and a stress tracker that will remind you to breathe if it senses you getting a little tense. 

There’s an always-on option and the bright AMOLED display is clear and visible in the sun. All the usual notifications pop up right on your wrist and music can be downloaded directly to the watch so you don’t have to bring your phone on a run. The battery can go up to 11 days in smartwatch mode, 22 hours with GPS on, and 8 hours with both GPS and music. 

With a round design and stainless steel bezel to further set it apart, the Venu 2 is a good-looking option for people who like to move.

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