Gasoline Motor Co. Sailor Jerry Scrambler

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For those born to ride, rain or shine, you need a bike that loves to play in the mud. The Gasoline Motor Co. Sailor Jerry Scrambler is never afraid to get dirty. Beginning with a Triumph Scrambler is always a good place to start, but this custom bike build nails the essence of Sailor Jerry’s spirit.

Gasoline Motor Company stripped the Triumph Scrambler down, restructured the frame and began crafting custom fabrications. This includes CNC-cut triple clamps and hand-laced wheels. It’s easy to notice the wheels right away thanks to the fat tires, the Sailor Jerry Scrambler is not the kind of ship that steers away from storms. 

Weather is as unpredictable as the wanderlust journey along the way. From winding dirt trails in the mountains to carving dunes in the desert, true riders set sail when the tradewinds come calling. There’s no room for excuses and not a pegleg of pity when it comes to stale ale.

Of course, the captain of the ship deserves some luxuries. To avoid a numb bum, the Gasoline Motor Co. Sailor Jerry Scrambler features a black leather cushion with detailed logo embossing. Designed to be as low as it can be, the seat keeps the rider lower to the ground to maintain optimal balance.

Some sailors arrive to shore masked by the howling winds, but the Sailor Jerry Scrambler announces its presence with a throaty roar. A custom welded stainless steel exhaust wraps around the 900cc Triumph engine, finishing with flared shotgun tips. Sailor Jerry sounds as mean as a pirate with scurvy thanks to its aggressive grunt.

A classic motocross styled tank adds the finishing touch similar to acquiring a new tattoo at every port. The intentional vintage styling of the tank finishes clean, using stripes on a white background. It practically begs riders to steer off course, permanently. 

Sometimes, a final destination ceases to exist while riding the Sailor Jerry Scrambler because the experience is the only story worth telling. That’s the life of a sailor on the high seas, not unlike a nomad biker looking to rip a good yarn of their own. 

Discovering the spirit of freedom at the helm of this bike captures the fierce gust and open sky adventure of the seven seas. This custom Scrambler stands fearless in the face of adversity while offering the kind of versatility necessary for those who are born to be wild.

At the end of every sailing expedition, it is tradition to meet at the tavern for some grog. The same tradition holds true here. So, raise a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum and make a toast to Gasoline Motor Company for another fine custom motorcycle build.

Best of all, this badass custom bike will be up for grabs in early 2021. Sailor Jerry will unveil it along with a special competition to win the Scrambler. Stay tuned to the Gasoline Motor Company for more details on great custom builds as well as information on how to win this one.

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