George Dickel Bottled In Bond Whisky

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When you taste an authentic, rich and exceptionally well-made whiskey, you just know it — right from the first smell or sip. The Bottled In Bond Act has sought to preserve that approach and authenticity since the late 1800s,  and the results have paid off — whiskey lovers can now be sure that their favorite spirits are made to exacting quality and standards, like the brand-new George Dickel Bottled In Bond Whisky, which comes to us courtesy of Nicole Austin, the new General Manager and Distiller at the Tennessee-based Cascade Hollow Distilling Co.

What does it all mean? Well, it means that the George Dickel Bottled In Bond Whisky should be, as the brand says, “bold and assertive,” all the better given that it’s a limited-release, 13-year-aged whisky. Try it on the rocks or neat for maximum impact, then try it over and over again in something like an Old Fashioned.

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