Gerber Armbar Drive

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Somewhere between a pocket knife and a do-everything multitool lies the new Armbar Drive from Gerber. Sleek, slim and not much bigger than a folding knife, the Armbar manages to pack a suite of tools you’ll actually use into the mix. Aside from the knife, the most useful item is going to be the two and a half inch extension bit driver. The driver accepts a magnetic bit (one double sided bit is included) and folds out like a blade, giving you extra length to access tight spaces plus good leverage.

You also get a pair of spring-loaded scissors, always handy for tags and loose strings, plus a  bottle opener, pry bar, and an awl. The flip-down striking surface lets you enlist your Armbar for hammer duty without ruining your new tool. Like everything from Gerber, it’s tough and well built. At just over three ounces it’s an easy add to your pocket or pack so you’re always more prepared.

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