Gerber Linedriver Fishing Multi-Tool

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Purpose built tools are a thing of beauty, designed to cover the needs of one activity, and cover them well. The idea for the Linedriver from Gerber was born on a fishing trip when switching out flies for picky fish led to tying an endless series of knots.

The Linedriver Fishing Multi-Tool comes with six functions. There’s a vice to help you spin line for knots without having to grab the hook itself. A spike clears out paint and gunk from eyelets so you can thread in new lines. The cutting function either works as a pair of serrated scissors for cutting thick line, or works with a lock function to close the cutter halfway, allowing you to drag line through and cut it while the tool is clipped to your belt.

If threading fine line through tiny eyelets isn’t your favorite part of fishing, use the hook threader to funnel the line through the hole. The multi-tool’s sole purpose is to speed up line management and make tying on flies as fast as possible, so you spend more time with your line in the water.

Gerber Linedriver Fishing Multi-Tool

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